Touching Photos Perfectly Picture 11 Dogs, Their Moments Of Newfound Freedom!


All these dogs below unfortunately have been neglected or homeless during their life. However as you will see, its revealed, that their lives was change after them met kind people. picture is worth more that a thousand words!

The pictures are taken to capture the precise moment when the dogs were set free of their suffering by kind and supportive dog rescuers, that work give them another chance in life, to be happy and loved by kind people.

From the County Animal Services, Pam Perry, from Florida, keeps one of the 26 pit bulls that were rescued from a fighting ring, from a backyard outfit. This doggie looks very happy indeed!

Humphreys County Sheriff’s Office, working with the ARC (Animal Rescue Cops) lopped off the chains of one of the twelve dogs rescued from dog fighting, during Operation Delta Dogs in Isola, MS.

The HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) and County Animal Control in Livingston, raided a puppy mill in Michigan, they rescued nearly 100 dogs from it!

In Nashville an animal welfare officer rescued some dogs during a raid on a dog fighting outfit…

Then rescued from a facility in Italy, where animal testing experiments were conducted, a lovely Beagle puppy, thankful to the animal welfare rescuers!

From Austin Humane Society and HSUS, Benny was rescued from a hoarder in Central Texas.

The pit bull, Khaleesi, after she turned up on the front lawn of a good Samaritan, in the arms of Passion 4 pits volunteers, rescued from torture and abuse!

On her last legs, wandering on to Christianna’s porch, having been used up as a breeding and bait dog for dog fighting back in 2014, poor Mama Jade.

A letter to the dog’s cruel owners from Christianna went viral on Craigslist.

Neil Dreher working at Sochi Olympics in Russia, an American, fell in love with a stray and couldn’t leave without taking her.

He called her Fisht and fund-raised the cash to take her with him and help other dogs like her.

One of the twenty three dogs taken away from a Kentucky hoarder, suffering from extreme mange, rescued by Saving the Animals of Rowan.

Bethany, who was homeless, was rescued by Eldad Hagar from Hope For Paws and Bill Foundation, straight from the streets, covered with mange and dehydrated.

Her hospital trip brought her closer to her owner.

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Sadie had been adopted from the Animal Shelter back in 2014 nobody expected or even thought she would be back again. but last month she was brought back to the shelter after her family gave up, Sadie was adopted again, but soon she came back?

You would expect that this would be the end of it, but no – about one week on, she was again brought back to the shelter.

Harris County Animal Shelter in Texas first received Sadie when she was only months old, with her litter family of course! Some photos of Sadie were taken by staff when they arrived at the shelter and the beautiful puppy was very soon after adopted by a lovely family.

This for Sadie that was not a family she wanted and needed…

A volunteer for the Animal shelter was there called Ashley Roberts, when Sadie’s family gave her up back to the shelter this last month.

Ashley said:

“Sadie was in a little ball”

“Honestly, I thought she was a stray and they had found her, and that’s why she was so scared. She didn’t even really seem comfortable with the people she was with.”

“We thought we were going to keep her,’” Roberts added. “But they didn’t seem remorseful at all that they were turning her back to the shelter.”

Staff members scanned her microchip to get her ID number and to identify her ov their computer, and Sadie’s picture came up!

Ashley said:

“The member of staff almost broke down into tears”

“He couldn’t even function when he saw her original picture and her coming back now…”

“…being surrendered back to a kill shelter. It was such a stark difference from her confident puppy picture to the dog we saw in front of us. He was almost in tears. I was already crying.”

Before anyone knew it there was another family who was asking about adopting Sadie. The whole staff was so excited, everyone had the same thought, her bad luck had surely finished!

Incredibly after another week, the family returned her, what was going on?

Ashley said:

“I wasn’t there the second time she was surrendered, but the new family said that she kept having little accidents in the house”

“What we think actually happened was that she was so nervous, that it was like a nervous urination.”

It was time for Sadie to take some action so the staff posted Saide on Facebook, in the hopes that she could find a better and more permanent home, somebody that wouldn’t give up on her!

It wasn’t long before a young lady saw the Facebook pictures of Sadie, she asked if she could foster her with the intention of adopting her if it worked out.

Ashley said:

“We try to do adoption counselling and foster counselling so we give these animals and people a better chance of being successful with the adoption”

“.. we very specifically said; Sadie doesn’t need to be around any other dogs for at least a week, just give her some space and give her some time to chill out, she’s been through so much.”

The young Mady just didn’t listen…

Ashley then said:

“She seemed really well-intentioned, and we thought it was going to work out”

“So she took her home, and she’s like, ‘Oh, she’s doing so good.’ And she told her sister, ‘Bring your dog over.’ So her sister brings her dog over, and she attacks Sadie.”

Sadie came back this time to the Shelter for the fourth time, poor Sadie, her neck was a mess of bite wounds!

Ashley said:

“It’s been nothing but bad luck”

“I’ve never seen another dog that’s been returned this many times.”

Sadie needed a helping hand to get back with a family so the staff at the shelter arranged for her to stay in a foster home, thank you Down South Rescue!

Sharon Fanning, director of Down South Rescue, said:

“Sadie is with an experienced foster and she is working with her”

“She is still very scared and doesn’t trust people. However, she has become very attached to her foster mom. It will take time for her to heal mentally and physically. And we will be very picky about who we allow to adopt her.”

Sadie will wait this time to go to just the right person, to love and look after her and know what she needs, let’s all hope like Alison that this time she really does get a well deserved loving family home!!

Ashley said finally:

“She was so sweet in the shelter, I don’t think there’s a mean bone in her body”

“We just want a home where she is loved, and where she is given the time and energy she needs.”

Let’s share this story and encourage anyone who adopts an animal really does consider it carefully first !!


Maja Smrekar conducted her bizarre projects while living in seclusion with her dogs as part of her ‘K-9_topology’ art experiment (video incl. below).

The Slovenian artist underwent systematic breast pumping in order to trick her body into producing breast milk before breastfeeding a puppy during the piece.

She also took a fat cell from another dog and used it to ‘fertilise’ one of her eggs using a method similar to IVF.

She used a fat cell form the dog, so no dog sperm was used and there was absolutely no way the egg could have become an embryo, which would have been impossible even if a sexual cell from a dog was used.

Despite the slightly unnerving nature of her art, the critics love it, and have awarded her with the ‘Golden Nica’ at Prix Ars Electronica in Austria.

The jury released a statement saying: ‘The artwork K-9_topology at first sight may engender feelings of shock and possibly even dismissal – the complexity and explicitness of this project is difficult to explain without dangerous simplifications.

‘When considering the awarded artwork, the jury understood that it is important to follow the entire process, as this is an extensive artistic investigation developed through three years in four consecutive projects.’

Smrekar created a video which shows her breastfeeding dogs, sleeping naked next to them and performing the fertilization (it’s a bit NSFW).

On her website the artist said the project was intended as an ‘observation of zeitgeist through the so called thanatopolitical dimension of contemporary biopolitical practices’.

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Nik Nak just wanted to be loved, that’s all any dog really wants in life. Toys and treats are all well and good, but at the end of the day; they just want to get nice pets and have a human to love and to be loved by in return.

So when Nik Nak was dropped off by his owners at a local vet, the vet technicians were appalled when they said he should just be put down, and that he was “too yucky” to be kept alive and that the world would be a better place with him not in it.

It’s hard to believe that there are actually people like that in the world, but all that matters is that Nik Nak is no longer in their hands.

The amazing team of vets gave him a bath for the first time ever; and began to nurse this little guy back to health.

He had scabs all over his face, and it took some time; but eventually he began to look a bit better. It turned out he was only “ugly” because those two rotten humans had taken such poor care of him to begin with!

Then, Kam Nurock decided to take the little guy in as a foster parent.

She looked after him and prepared him for that beautiful day when he was finally adopted for good by a family who would actually treat him well.

But after a few weeks, Kam realized that she had finally found the dog she had been waiting for; and that Nik Nak had been home all along!

Please watch Nik Nak’s incredible journey below. And please SHARE this amazing video if you believe dogs deserve to be treated with love and respect!

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Some people—and puppies–are put on this globe to inspire us to persevere through life’s challenges…

….and you can bet that’s the case with sweet Jax. He’s a five-month-old Pit Bull puppy who survived what many consider impossible odds. Jax, deeply injured, wandered onto someone’s porch and collapses. The homeowner found him and called for help from the Unleashed Pet Rescue, in Topeka, Kansas. They sent crews to scoop him up and rush him in for emergency care, not even sure he would make it to the veterinarian alive. Jax had deep gashes on his face and neck, and his eyes were swollen shut.

The only real sign of life was his wagging tail. Although it didn’t look it, the vet says his prognosis was good. He stitched him up and Jax spent two weeks in intensive care, getting medical treatment and tender loving care. Day by day, Jax gets better and better, and is transformed completely from the puppy near death to one full of life! Jax finds his will to live and recovers completely!

The rescue group helping Jax want us to know they believe he’s the victim of a dog fighting ring. They produced this video to build awareness about the issue, documenting Jax’s journey to recovery, as well. Their main message to us: If you see it, or think it’s happening, report it! To say nothing, to do nothing, stops nothing!

Jax is proof that dogs are being injured by this horrendous hobby and, if he could fight so hard to survive, can’t we fight to stop the organizers of these events?

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Surrendering a pet should be a painful experience, full of emotion and heartache.

There are many valid reasons pet owners are forced give up a pet. Even if we don’t agree with them. There could be significant health issues or financial hardships that force a family to give their dog up so he can find a better life elsewhere. Yet, with this specific case, shelter volunteers knew surrendering this dog wasn’t a painful experience. The owner was certainly emotional but not the way you’d expect.

Gordo, a two-year-old pup, was handed over to the Miami-Dade Animal Care Shelter by his owner. The fear in the dog’s eyes and the elation on his owner’s face had to be memorialized by the shelter, knowing it would be hard to believe if you hadn’t seen it for yourself. The shelter then shared the photo with the world.

While it is heartbreaking to know that a dog owner was actually HAPPY AND SMILING while giving up his pet, we are provided with some level of solace knowing that Gordo will never have to be around that horrible individual ever again. If this man can behave like this in public, imagine what he was like behind closed doors!

Dogs are a gift. In fact, some may argue they are better than humans (including me!) Anyone who doesn’t have the decency to treat their dog well, should be punished. We are just glad that Gordo will no longer have to live with such cruelty.

UPDATE: Gordo has been adopted! Peace out, Mean Owner. Hello, Happy Life!

Photos courtesy of Urgent Dogs and Cats of Miami/Facebook

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