Rescuers Trying To Save A Drowning Pit Bull See A Huge Creature Lurking Behind Him In The Water


In your darkest days and loneliest hours, the presence of a friend can make a world of difference. There’s just something comforting about having someone stick by you in times of need; they make you feel like you can overcome anything. Believe it or not, people aren’t the only ones who feel this way!

When this pit bull recently became lost in a river in Tampa, Florida, he was understandably terrified. But as rescuers arrived on the scene, they discovered that the frightened pup was actually not alone…

This Tampa pitbull became lost in a local river and the animal was completely terrified, understandably so. When rescuers made their way to the scene to find out more about the animal’s predicament, they would soon discover that the dog was not actually alone. Some may be familiar with the old mermaid stories that sailors liked to tell about the beautiful women that helped them during shipwrecks.

If you are anything like us, then these stories have always sounded a little bit too good to be true. These men were not saved by magical women of the sea, they were actually being saved by manatees! The manatee is known as the “cow of the sea” and for good reason. They do move slow and are quite sizable. However, they tend to more closely relate to elephants.

They quickly set up an extension ladder. An officer named Randy Lopez bravely climbed down and scooped up the dog, whom they later learned was named White Boy. It took rescuers about 20 minutes to bring him back to dry land. But that wasn’t where this amazing story ended!

During the rescue, Officer Jodie Maxim snapped a picture of the dog waiting to be rescued. Afterward, she noticed something strange in the background: it was the shadow of a large animal waiting in the murky water. What the heck was that thing?

The manatee stayed by the dog’s side until the authorities came and while the Tampa Police Department’s Marine Control unit was eventually able to intervene, there is no telling what would have happened to this dog without the manatee’s assistance. This isn’t something you see every day and it is a valuable reminder about the importance of being kind at all times.

The dog was eventually returned to their loving family and they were grateful for all of the help that the manatee provided. Even though this manatee might not be a mythical woman of the sea, this dog may not be alive today without their help. Please pass this story of unlikely friendship along to all of your closest pals and chums today.

Pit Bull Realizes Why His Owners Left Him At The Shelter And Has A Heartbreaking Reaction

According to research, nearly 4 million dogs enter animal shelters on a yearly basis. Out of all these dogs, only 1.4 million receive a second chance at life. These are disconcerting statistics and it is sad to think that so many dogs are left without loving homes to call their own. When shelter dogs are finally given the chance to head to their new forever homes, this is an extremely happy and exciting time.

While most of us would like to think that this is the start of their happy ending, the reality is that a number of shelter dogs who are adopted are eventually returned for reasons that are beyond their control. Moses the pitbull is an example of just such a dog and when his owners had to move, they were forced to bring him back to the shelter from whence he came.

This led to one of the most heartbreaking moments that we have ever seen. He went from living with his new family and their children, cats and other dogs to being taken back to the shelter in just a year. When the family returned to Modesto’s Stanislaus Animal Services Agency with Moses by their side, the staff members already had an inkling as to what was about to take place.

The family did not want to leave Moses behind, but an unexpected move to a non dog friendly location had forced their hand. This is certainly understandable and no one can blame this family for doing what they had to do. However, poor Moses seemed to know exactly what was going to happen to him. He clung to his owner and did everything his power to remain a part of the family.

Nancy was one of the staff members who was present for this saddening occurrence and it took everything in her power not to bring home with her. He is now residing at the shelter again and is in search of a true forever home. Hopefully, he is able to find a home where he can reside for the rest of his days and we wish him all of the best in his search for a loving family who can keep their promises.

Moses deserves tender, loving care and with any luck, it will not be too long before he is given a second chance. Please be sure to pass this story along to all of the dog lovers you know today.

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A restaurant patron in Delaware wasn’t thrilled to be eating next to a fellow patron’s service animal — and she wasn’t afraid to let him know.

The woman, who was dining at Kathy’s Crab House & Family Restaurant in Delaware City, was filmed yelling at group of people in the middle of the eatery, arguing that having a dog in the dining room is “nasty,” and that there should be a “separate section” for people with animals, reports

“I’m not going to keep my voice to myself,” she can be seen telling a fellow patron. “I’m gonna voice it just like I did, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

The woman called the Great Dane “nasty” and “disgusting,” despite the animal being clearly labeled as a service dog.

“I’m not going to keep my voice to myself,” she can be heard saying. “I’m gonna voice it just like I did, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

She can be seen screaming at an employee and calling one restaurant patron a “w****” and another a “b****.” The veteran can be seen attempting to calm the woman down, but it doesn’t work. An unidentified male companion can be seen standing next to her, a look of embarrassment on his face. Incidentally, the unidentified woman can be seen claiming to be the widow of a military veteran, though that did not soften her stance on the restaurant’s policy to allow service animals. “So what?” she can be seen screaming. “It’s still nasty to me!”

The person who shot the video can be heard warning her that she is being recorded. Her response? Bring it on. “I don’t care! Record me! Like I said, it’s disgusting to have an animal in a public restaurant.”

At this point, a man named John steps in and begins angrily ordering the woman to leave. But the veteran gently tries to calm John and diffuse the situation.

“Don’t do it, John,” he says. “Don’t do it.”

The woman and her friend eventually leave, and a waitress locks the door behind them.

The restaurant announced a fundraiser for veterans and service animals will be held for Montana Wounded Warriors.

According to federal law, the Americans With Disabilities Act requires that restaurants admit patrons with service animals. Delaware, however, does not currently extend those same protections to emotional support animals or “comfort” dogs for people with emotional or mental disabilities.

It is unclear whether the veteran’s dog was officially certified as a service animal in Delaware.


Many stores in Turkey have drawn praise for opening its doors to stray dogs to keep them warm and dry during the winter months.

In addition, they spent time making sure  stray dogs in the area are warm and have food to eat.

This simple act began when a passerby saw the dogs and was worried about their wellbeing and wanted to help. So she began to make sure they had food and some sort of shelter to keep warm. People began to notice, and they too began helping.

To the surprise of many, probably even to the dogs, shoppers have been seeing these dogs, then head home to grab blankets, towels or clothes, and come back to put over top of the dogs to make sure they will be warm for the cold of the night.

Even shops have opened up their stores to let the dogs sleep inside for warmth. Because of these acts of kindness, the lives of these dogs are being saved.

This story shows that people in the world are still kind!

We loved reading how people are so caring towards these homeless dogs! If you did as well, share this post!