Rescued Pit Bull Loves Talking With New Mom


It’s the sad truth that not all dogs have a happy life. Maisy, a rescued Pitbull, was living in an outdoor kennel for three years. Now, she spends her days chatting with her new owner.

Maisy was previously owned by a family who wanted to breed her. But that didn’t happen the way they wanted it to. Frustrated, they wanted to put Maisy to sleep. In the meantime, they kept her outside alone in a kennel with limited human interaction. It was a hard and lonely life for the pup.

“At that point, they were like, ‘Well, she’s a waste of money to feed,’” said her new owner, Marisa Elbert. “‘She’s so ugly, nobody’s gonna want her. We’ll just put her down.’”

But as luck would have it, a friend of Maisy’s owners offered to take her to a shelter instead.

That decision was life changing not only for Maisy, but for one girl who recently went through rough time herself.

As for Elbert, she says that Maisy brought her through an incredibly difficult time. Her presence reminded her owner that she had support and encouragement from those who loved her. Maisy has a special ability to sense when her owner is feeling sad or depressed.

Marisa rushed to check on the dog she seemed to like a lot.

When she first saw Maisy, Marisa fell in love with her personality and the lovely sounds she was making. It sounded like “woo-ing.”

“Maisy’s woo-ing was something that made me adopt her,” said Elbert. “She does it when she’s extremely happy or excited. She’s so chatty and we talk all the time.”

It’s fun how these friends communicate. The dog answers back whenever Marisa says something.

“We have conversations throughout the day,” said Elbert. “It’s hilarious. The first day when I brought her home, we went down the driveway and I threw some balls for her and she was woo-ing on the way up, woo-ing on the way down. She was just so happy. It’s like she knew she was home.”

Marisa believes welcoming Maisy in her life is a sign that her late parents are looking after her.

Marisa says that during the first days, Maisy felt a bit overwhelmed because she wasn’t used to days filled with love and affection. It was the first time that she felt kindness in her life. But that changed over time and now Maisy enjoys being fed, rubbed on her belly, and playing with all those toys she has.

Marisa’s life changed for the better too.

Maisy is the perfect pet. She always knows when her owner feels down and is ready to cheer her up by treating her with a bunch of doggy kisses and hugs. Everyone around is charmed by the beautiful dog. She has the power to make everyone’s day. She even made some friends. Marisa’s cat Motor and her two horses love Maisy a lot and they are all inseparable.

Maisy sometimes sleeps in the horse stall, making her friends company.

Maisy has to be the most beautiful dog out there.

“She’s got this big bowling ball of a head and I think that’s part of her charm,” said Elbert. “You know, she’s just such a stocky tank of a dog with these adorable eyes and this face and these little chopped-off ears. Everything about her is just like a big stuffed animal.”

The frisky dog is constantly excited about every new development. She definitely looks at her whole life like it’s a party — and she’s teaching her owner how to do it, too. Elbert says Maisy is a perfect model of how to live life with happiness, excitement, and humor.

What’s more, she’s sure her mom and dad would have loved her to pieces.