Rescue Dog With Allergy To Humans Finds Forever Home After 1 Year Of Recovery


A rescued black Labrador mix allergic to people can finally play with his human “parent” in his new home without having to worry about itchy, red skin and patches of fur falling out, according to Lucky Dog Rescue Retreat in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The lab mix, Adam, was rescued by the rescue retreat from a local pound where he faced possible euthanization in July of last year, said the rescue retreat’s president, Robin Herman.

“When we first saw him, he looked just absolutely miserable,” Herman told. “His skin was just seeping. He felt like Vaseline. Reddish-pinkish fluid would just ooze out of his skin.” The rescue center, which was working with Indianapolis’ Animal Medical Center, originally believed that Adam, who was one-a-half at the time, had flea dermatitis.

Months went by and his condition didn’t get better.

“He was probably on a cone for six months, and at one point, we thought we might have to put him down and out of his misery,” Herman said.

The veterinarian from the medical center who was working with Adam, Dr. Rachel Anderson, discovered months later, in late October, that Adam was actually allergic to humans — specifically, human dander — after she had a series of blood tests done, Herman explained.

“It was a really interesting phone call,” Herman said. “She was like, ‘You’re not going to believe what he’s allergic to! It’s really remarkable, he’s allergic to humans the same way some people are allergic to dogs and cats.”

Adam was also discovered to be allergic to cat dander, certain pollinating plants, walnuts and some insects like houseflies and cockroaches, according to the rescue retreat.

After news broke out about Adam’s unique condition, people from all over the world including Australia and the U.K. contacted the center either with adoption inquiries or donations, Herman said.

Adam’s lucky permanent “guardian” is with Beth Weber, the center’s employee who has spent the past year caring for Adam and tending to his special needs such as keeping track of all his medications and giving him baths every three days with a different kind of soap every other time, Herman said.

Herman added that Adam also regularly sees veterinary dermatologist Dr. Lori Thompson at the Animal Dermatology Clinic also in Indianapolis.

Herman added that now the the “little stinker” is feeling much better, he’s been on a “mischievous streak” at the rescue retreat, which he still frequents since his new owner is an employee there.

“He loves to climb in a laundry basket and get comfortable in the warm, fresh laundry, and you can see him smile and be coy,” Herman said. “He’s got a great sense of humor about him. He’s absolutely adorable.”

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Last July, a heavy pregnant dog named Cinnamon was found dead in the street. Although her situation is still a mystery, many wounds pierce through her body, making rescuers believe someone had stabbed Cinnamon before causing her death.

The Dublin Animal Cruel Prevention Association (DSPCA) has stepped in to help the dog is pregnant and timely. After taking care of her wounds, the staff decided she was pregnant that they could transfer her to her home as soon as possible. On Sean, Cinnamon’s foster father, who takes over the task of taking care of the dog full time. I know Cinnamon can have puppies at any time.

It was as if Cinnamon knew that motherhood was only a corner, and all she had to do was keep it. She refused to die on the street. A few days after being rescued by DSPCA, and the day after Sean takes her home, Cinnamon started his miraculous race. 15 hours later, the world welcomed the Dot Dot Dozen group of 4 girls and 8 boys: Basil, Chilli, Ginger, Jasmine, Lavender, Nutmeg, Paprika, Pepper, Saffron, Sage, Salt and Wasabi.

Cinnamon and her puppies are now doing great. The new mom is happily tending to her babies. In a few more weeks, the canine family will be ready to find their forever homes… Read on to meet the gorgeous new mommy below!

Cinnamon is a proud new mommy… but she’s also a survivor. Days before she gave birth to her litter of 12 puppies, Cinnamon was a stray dog on the brink of death.

Rescuers found the mangled, heavily pregnant greyhound dying on the streets of Dublin.

Puncture wounds covered her entire body. The images were so gruesome that we’ve blurred them out.

The very next day after her foster dad Sean brought her home, Cinnamon began to deliver her miracle litter of 4 girls and 8 boys.

They can’t be 100% sure, but they believe an unknown person stabbed Cinnamon and left and her unborn puppies her to die.

Meet Basil, Chilli, Ginger, Jasmine, Lavender, Nutmeg, Paprika, Pepper, Saffron, Sage, Salt and Wasabi. All 12 of them were born healthy, and as you can see, they absolutely love their mom!

This is the face of a beautiful, strong survivor. It’s as if Cinnamon was holding out for hope; she knew her babies — and her saviors — were coming soon.

These days, the new mom and her pups couldn’t be happier. Cinnamon is improving with every day that passes, and it’ll only be a few more weeks until the pups are ready for their forever homes.

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Sweet, friendly Delilah was rescued from a puppy mill after spending 9 years in a wire cage. It was a joyous moment when she experienced a soft bed for the first time.

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This is the moment when she gets to sleep in a bed – for the first time ever! Okay, maybe sleeping isn’t the right word! Delilah is just enjoying herself – for the first time ever! Please spread the word to people you know; we should not buy animals from pet stores, instead, adopt from shelters.

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Please spread the word to people you know; we should not buy animals from pet stores, instead, adopt from shelters.

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A scuba diver had a close encounter with a friendly seal during a week-long holiday on the Isle of Scilly.

Gary Grayson, 55, from Salford, Greater Manchester, went on his adventure with the Dive Life group.

The seal was not nervous by the close attention and even allowed Mr Grayson to tickle its stomach.

But when diver Gary Grayson was approached by a curious seal while diving in the Scilly Isles he wasn’t afraid or worried about being attacked- because he was just as curious about the little critter as the critter was about him.

Next thing you know the seal did something totally unexpected- he flipped over took hold of it and slowly pulled it to its stomach and asked Gary to rub his belly!

“It really shows how sweet, curious and dog-like seals are,” Ally McMillan, CEO of Seal Rescue Island, told the Huffington Post.

On his trips, he has swam with crocodiles, dolphins and sharks.

But he insists that the almost three-minute-clip is the souvenir he treasures the most.

As well as rubbing the seal’s chest, the wild animal allowed Mr Grayson to stroke him under the chin

Mr Grayson said he is now semi-retired after selling his haulage firm.

Although, he has always been a bit of a thrill-seeker.

‘I first got into diving after skydiving – I even skydived into my own wedding back in the eighties.

‘I’ve now been lucky to dive all over the world after I took semi-retirement and decided to have some fun.

‘In fact, I’ve probably bored all my friends going on about it.’

Sometimes, there’s nothing like a gray seal to brighten up a gray day!