He’s Been Stuck In A Tank All Night Waiting For Help, Now Watch When He Sees The Rescuers.


These 5 incredible animal rescues will restore your belief in humanity.

A dog locked in a water tank all night! The frightened animal held the block inside the prayer tank for help. Fortunately, some volunteers were there to rescue the trembling animal before taking it to the veterinarian.

In another incident, a bull finds himself trapped first in a deep trench. Volunteers from Animal Aid Limited worked around the clock to free the cow.

A cow finds himself in a puddle. The cow almost drowned, and the volunteers acted quickly and clever thinking saved his life.

An extremely dissatisfied dog was trapped in a plastic box, he ran around helplessly as his vision was blocked until a small group of people tried to save the day.

A small dog stuck in a marble quarry. Despite the risks, the volunteers were able to take him out safely and sound.

Abandoned Pit Bull Mom And Her 10 Newborn Puppies Find A Happy Home !!

When the staff for the Sacramento SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) showed up to work one morning, they were met with a huge surprise. Sitting on their doorstep was a mother pit bull and her 10 newborn puppies.

The Sacramento SPCA staff believed the pit bulls must have been left there overnight by someone. The mother dog was not tied to anything, so she had been free to roam around if she so pleased. She even could have abandoned her puppies, just as her previous owner had abandoned her.

However, the mama dog did no such thing. She stayed with her new babies throughout the night, dutifully fulfilling her motherly duties with pure love.

Her perseverance despite the odds is a model example of motherhood. And how hope and adoration for family is stronger than any tough situation.

The Sacramento SPCA staff arrived in the morning to quite a surprising site.

Dumped on their doorstep was a new Abandoned Pit Bull mother and her 10 tiny babies, with no assumed owner in sight.

The babies were barely days old and the mother was bleeding residually. Indicating that she had been dropped off shortly after giving birth to them.

There was no indication why they had been left — nor was there food or water to nourish the new mother.

She was also left without a chain, so she could have easily walked away from the litter to seek help, sans her babies.

But she remained diligently by their side.
Unwavering in her sense of motherly duty — even though staying would mean no immediate source of food or water until help arrived.

The shelter was happy to house them, but nervous about how they would be able to foster such a huge family altogether.

Eleven mouths to feed is difficult to handle for most foster families. But separating the puppies from their mom at such a young age could be detrimental to their health and happiness.

Fortunately, puppies were able to find a foster dad who was thrilled to take on the new family.

He squared away a spot for the mom to stay snuggly. And warm with her babies while they nursed and grew.

The Abandoned Pit Bull mom had an incredibly sweet disposition according the shelter staff.

Though she had been abandoned to brave the city alone with her babies. She remained completely friendly and even let them gently handle her newborns.

The family is expected to live with their doting foster father for the next several months. Until Puppies able to be separated and adopted to new nurturing households.

Until then, their stand-in dad has had a blast sharing their adorable photos with friends on social media.

We can only hope that these eleven pit bulls eventually end up in happy, loving homes and will never have to wait for help on a doorstep again.