Dog Stuck In Shelter For 2 Years Smells Her Old Life When A Man Walks In


The worst nightmares imaginable to dog parents is their dog going missing, and this happened with Ariel, when Pakita, the dog escaped from Ariel’s yard. Ariel, looked everywhere in Argentina to find his sweet doggo, but she was nowhere to be found.

Where Pakita actually ended up is an animal shelter called Arca Animal. There, she was so sad and depressed. It was clear she missed her family, but she had no way of being reunited. She was just another stray dog.

At the shelter, poor Pakita was passed over by potential adopters time and again for over two years. She had a grey muzzle and appeared so sad that no one wanted her. No one, except her devastated family left behind.

The folks at the animal shelter decided to put some photos up on social media. Although Pakita was not happy to have her photo taken, they managed to get a few shots.

Valeria Nieves, the mother of Pakita’s doggy dad, saw the photo and knew it was the missing pooch. She contacted the shelter, and a very tearful reunion took place.

The dog didn’t recognize Ariel at first, but she never forget the scent of something. You can witness the exact moment she “smelled” her doggy dad and the joyful reunion took place. Watch below, as you share in the excitement. These two will never be apart again!

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Being abandoned as a newborn on the street, he faced different challenges than most dogs. His story of finding a forever home will heat your heart.

Joy was just a teeny puppy when his owners left him for dead on a sidewalk in Romania. When the rescuers from Howl of a Dog found him, they knew they had to take him in. It was heartbreaking to see this lost soul, crying and alone. With a little love and care, Joy was able to become a wonderful pet.

Newborn puppies face different challenges than puppies that are abandoned in a later stage of development. Joy was still blind and deaf when he felt his feet hit the hard sidewalk. He didn’t have his teeth yet, either. Since puppies this young aren’t able to maintain their body temperature on their own, rehabilitating this little guy required extra attention.

It was all worth it in the end. As Joy grew bigger and stronger, his caretakers thoroughly enjoyed his loving demeanor. By the end of his first week in his new life, this pup was eagerly sipping milk out of a baby bottle. He was even used to being held and interacting with his humans.

Like all young puppies, Joy spent most of his time sleeping. By his third week with his rescuing family, he had made a best friend. A white Siberian tiger stuffed animal accompanied him on his adventures. As Joy continued to grow bigger with each passing day, it became apparent that he would fit right in with his new family. It was time to introduce him to the other dogs.

This puppy was a pip squeak compared to his big brothers. They absolutely adored his adventurous attitude, playing with him and letting him climb all over them. Joy was shaping up to be a treasured part of the pack.

Finally, a few weeks before Christmas, the team at Howl of a Dog received wonderful news: Joy had found a forever home. “A family from the Netherlands fell in love with Joy and wanted to adopt him,” the organization shared. Needless to say, this pup was thrilled to go home to a family of his own.

“They were so eager to meet Joy, that they couldn’t wait another day,” rescuers reported. “They decided to drive across Europe to personally pick him up.” With that kind of dedication, it was clear that this was the right family for the dog.

The rescuers met the adoptive parents halfway through the continent, in Vienna. They brought along Joy’s favorite toy, which the puppy would keep by his side as a source of comfort as he entered his new life.

Joy’s new family couldn’t be happier to have him. This once-abandoned puppy has become an essential part of the family. It is heartwarming to see him frolic and play at his new home. Joy’s story reminds us what we can do when we give a little love.

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Someone was standing on her porch at 3 o’clock in the morning, happily munching away on her outdoor plants. It wasn’t a bunny, a deer, or any typical animal you’d expect to see on your porch.

Video footage revealed a huge female moose having a late night snack, seemingly unaware that she was actually being recorded. But wait, there’s more.

She leaves and then a few moments later, she brings a buddy back with her to have a snack. The dynamic duo had an uninterrupted feast, and the whole thing was caught on video. Hooke said, “My neighbors said they named her Twiggy. She’s a smaller female and has been hanging out in the area for about three years now.”

Get ready for a smile as you watch this moose having some munchies in the fun video below.

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