Dog meets two abandoned kittens, then her motherly instinct kicks in


The saying “fighting like cats and dogs” is birdlike: It flies out the window when a dog steps in and fosters kittens. Often when kittens are orphaned, a dog instinctively will take over the mothering responsibility until they’re old enough to be weaned. It’s lifesaving for a grieving dog, too.

Unfortunately, every day countless animals end up being abandoned by their owners on the street, but luckily, some of those abandoned animals find their forever home. These two kittens that were lost on the streets of the Sichuan Province in China were taken care of by a very special friend, an adorable six-year-old dog named ‘Wangwang’.

Videos are shared on Chinese social media platforms, often not accessible to Western users. Fortunately, a Chinese news agency released the video and mentioned it was done in the capital city, Chengdu capital.

According to local Chinese news, who reported the story, the adorable dog takes care of them really as a guard dog for a hardware store in the neighborhood where lovely cats are found. The video shows Wangwang taking care of two kittens, when they suck milk to be fed properly.

Wangwang’s owner has found two stray kittens and will initially take care of them, but the dog is more ready to take on some motherly duties.

It’s absolutely incredible footage, and it turns out that dogs raising cats aren’t extremely uncommon.

Elle Di Jensen of explains that dogs and orphaned or abandoned kittens can bond like a family together:

“The saying “fighting like cats and dogs” is birdlike: It flies out the window when a dog steps in and fosters kittens. Often when kittens are orphaned, a dog instinctively will take over the mothering responsibility until they’re old enough to be weaned. It’s lifesaving for a grieving dog, too.” Elle wrote.

Even so, a dog taking care of cats in need absolutely isn’t a given. The dog has to be completely open for it, which was certainly the case for Wangwang. Her motherly instinct kicked in and welcomed the two cute felines to her family.

As you can see in the video, Wangwang doesn’t only nurture them but provides them plenty of love, affection, and protection as well which is exactly what these two abandoned kittens needed.

Kittens raised by a dog also comes with a ton of benefits, as they’re more likely to socialize better with dogs when they grow up, for example.

“Having a dog as a wet nurse for orphaned kittens is a great advantage over having to hand-feed them. They will be able to eat on their schedule instead of yours, and you won’t have to worry about whether you’re doing it right or if they’re getting too little or too much to eat. The mother dog will also take care of keeping the kittens clean and warm, two other things off your “to-do” list. And kittens who are raised with puppies will be well socialized with dogs, which can make it easier to find homes when they are friendly and playful with other species.” Elle mentions on The Nest.

This Dog Sensed There Wasn’t Something Right With Their Baby – Watch What He Does

There was a day that the baby girl stopped breathing, while her parents were fast asleep.

This could have been the end for her but luckily for everyone involved, Duke was in the house and he was alert. When he noticed something was wrong, he went to her parents and started shaking violently until they woke up, so much so they noticed something was wrong.

83 Year Old Florida Resident Takes Care Of Abandoned Dog !!!

This is a story of a dog called Tut, pit bull/brindle mix, who was abandoned by his family when they evicted from their house. 

Yeah okay so you got evicted, did you leave your children behind? You spouse perhaps? No, you took them with you, but you leave your dog behind, a dog who gifted you with his loyalty, his love and protection. You left him behind just because he can’t speak, right? I don’t know what else to assume, really.

This poor dog is still being loved by an 83 year old woman called Ginger Lucas. Thanks to her love for dogs, this woman proved to the world that age is just a number.

“I treat the animals like if I was a dog, I’d want to be treated,” Lucas told ABC Action News. Lucas has been showering Tut with love and feeding him; and she even built him a doghouse with some items she found in the backyard.

Without Lucas, Tut might not have made it, just like Holly who was saved by a police officer in Indiana. But, Lucas won’t be able to care for Tut much longer because of her condition.

“My legs are giving out. I won’t be able to stand on them pretty soon,” she said.

The caring woman is hoping the lovely pooch will find a forever home “where he can run and people will love him.”

“I am going to be sad when he goes,” she added while fighting back tears. “But I can’t keep him.”

Watch below and please SHARE if you’re touched by her kind soul!

Girl Alone Is Cornered By 2 Men

Being a college student may perhaps be one of the best gigs in the world because in addition to unapologetically eating ramen noodles all the time, one also gets to travel the world without worrying about how many vacation days are left in the year.

A vacation in a foreign country can be an amazing adventure, but for 25-year-old Georgia Bradley, a student from Plymouth University in London, her trip to Greece didn’t turn out the way she had originally planned.

Bradley was vacationing with her boyfriend in Crete when she decided to go for a stroll alone on a secluded beach. That’s when two men approached her, trying to strike up a conversation. There was just something about them that put her on edge, but she didn’t know what to do. If the situation escalated, she was in trouble. Her boyfriend wasn’t around, and there was no one else who could help.

When they asked her to go for a drink, she refused, and one of them grabbed her arm. Suddenly coming out of nowhere, a stray dog charged across the sand and planted herself beside Bradley, licking her hand and barking at the men until they left.

“She saved me,” Bradley said to the Plymouth Herald. “She must have noticed something was wrong. When I went back to the apartment she followed me and finally let us stroke her. We had an instant bond.”

Bradley named her canine heroine, Pepper. The scruffy looking black mutt had a white patch on her chest and gorgeous soulful eyes. But as much as Bradley wanted to stay, they eventually had to fly back to London.

“When we left to go to the airport,” Bradley said, “we looked back and Pepper was running after the car. It was heartbreaking.”

Bradley couldn’t stop thinking about Pepper, and two weeks later, she flew back to Crete. But how do you find a stray dog without tags or a collar? “It was a real risk because we may never have found her again,” Bradley said, “but when we saw Pepper on the beach, it was the best feeling ever.”

The adoption process was complicated by the fact that Pepper had no papers or vaccination records. Bradley had to first prove that Pepper was a stray before a vet would be willing to see her. Then after being issued an official pet passport, Bradley had to make arrangements for Pepper to be quarantined for 21 days at a kennel in Greece.

The biggest surprise happened when Bradley flew back to Greece to pick up her new dog. The kennel owner told her that Pepper was pregnant!

All in all, it took Bradley a total of five weeks, including three trips and almost 6,000 miles flying back and forth to bring Pepper home. “It has been such a crazy journey,” Bradley said to the Plymouth Herald, “but I am over the moon. Pepper has settled in brilliantly.”

A week after Pepper first set her paws in the UK, she gave birth to six puppies.

Most tourists typically bring home souvenirs from abroad, but for Georgia Bradley, this one unforgettable trip left her with something even better — Pepper, the best dog in the world.

Stories of pets accomplishing heroic acts towards their owner are not unheard of, but here is a truly heartwarming story of a stray saving the life of a total stranger, who then returns the favor by adopting her! We wish Georgia and Pepper many many years of friendship and companionship!

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Jack the Pitbull had one of the worst Christmas gifts ever because of his heartless owner. Jack was a perfectly fine, well-mannered and very calm dog who was loving and sweet.

His owner came into the shelter one day and told the people that worked there that he no longer wanted the dog. Jack cried and whimpered and rubbed up against his owner, but the heartless man laughed and pushed him away.

The man continued on with his plan to leave the dog and walked right out the door, leaving Jack in the hands of strangers. He was alone, in a strange place, and unsure about who to trust now that his owner had abandoned him. The workers there were shocked that someone could be so heartless to such a sweet dog.