A Box With Air Holes Sat In Airport For A Week – Then Someone Finally Opened It


Three Siberian tiger cubs were being smuggled by plane from Nikolaev Zoo in Ukraine to a zoo in Syria.

During this time, they were at Beirut airport for seven days, stuck in a tiny crate that was only 42 centimeters high, while the cubs were 60 centimeters tall. This meant that they had little room and were forced to hunch over. They were also without food or water for a whole week.

Inside the crate, they were sitting in their own urine and feces amongst tiny maggots. The box was completely unmarked, did not indicate that it was holding live animals, and had no details of a shipper or receiver.

Thankfully, after seven days inside this disgusting crate, they were finally rescued and are now being cared for by Animal’s Lebanon. The poor cubs were in horrible shape. The bottom of their paws was extremely red and raw from standing in their urine for so long.

A specialized wildlife vet came to perform an exam on them and got them all vaccinated and microchipped. The cats were improving, but they were not out of the woods just yet.

Because big cats are worth a pretty penny on the black market, their owner was fighting to get them back. At the same time, Animal’s Lebanon submitted their case, asking for the tigers not just to be seized, but to be permanently confiscated from the original owner.

According to Animal’s Lebanon, Siberian tigers are protected under the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species. They can only be traded under specific circumstances and only if certain conditions are met. The transport conditions of these three cubs did not meet these regulations.

While they waited for a decision, the cubs were being well-taken care of at Animal’s Lebanon, enjoying their big enclosure, tons of food, and of course, lots of love. They never have to worry about being treated poorly ever again.

And best of all, the Ministry of Agriculture has since made a final decision, and the three tiger cubs will not be returned to their owner and will remain in the care of Animal’s Lebanon!

Watch them in their new life where they are finally happy and safe in the video below:

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