Bikers Find Chewed Up Crate In Field. When They Look Inside Their Hearts Drop


Every day, people discard their animals. It’s a sad fact. But what’s even more disturbing is that, according to the American Humane Association, out of the 7.6 million dogs and cats that enter animal shelters nationwide every year, a very small percentage are actually brought in by their former owners.

Most of these animals are found on the streets — or, sometimes, in even more heartbreaking situations.

Earlier this year, Bret Winingar and his son Zach were out for a motorcycle ride in Little Rock, AR’s rural countryside when they spotted what appeared to be a box tossed into a desolate field

Bret and Zach were riding a motorcycle on the back roads around Little Rock, Arkansas when they saw an old dog carrier.

The men spotted an animal carrier off to the side of the road and it looked like it had been there for quite some time.

The father and son left the dog for a little while…

…And came back in a car with dog food and water.

The men brought the emaciated dog some food, and she quickly devoured it.

The dog started showing her appreciation for her rescuers before they even reached home.

When they got her home, they gave her a bath. That’s when they noticed….

Then, they took Charlie to the vet.

The vet determined that she was about eight months old. Based on the wounds on the Charlie’ body, the vet guessed that she had been in the carrier for a long time.

Charlie Bravo’s story quickly spread on Facebook. And soon, Bret and Zach started receiving donations from kind souls who wanted to help pay for Charlie’s veterinary costs.

Bret and his family gave the leftover donations to various animal charities, and also set up a new fund for rescued animals called “Charlie’s Angels.”

Bret—who initially hadn’t even thought of keeping Charlie—couldn’t bring himself to giving the dog away. Since rescuing Charlie, Bret and his family have also adopted three more rescued dogs.

This Dog And Cheetah Met As Babies. Two Years Later, They Still Haven’t Left Each Other’s Side!

It has been long said that canines and felines do not get along. Or do they? One pair’s story went viral on the internet – a story of an unlikely yet strong friendship.

This is the story of Ruuxa the cheetah and Raina the dog, residents of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park located in the United States.

They were introduced to each other at a young age, and bonded instantly. Ruuxa suffered a limb deformation since birth, and Raina was always there for him.


The zoo plans to have Raina and Ruuxa spend their lives together. Raina’s body language will help keep Ruuxa calm if the zoo ever needs to move him to another habitat or when he faces an unfamiliar situation.

It wasn’t long before the zookeepers realized Ruuxa’s front legs were not developing properly. He had been born with a growth abnormality called chondrodysplasia. Ruuxa’s legs were not growing straight, they were growing in a bow shape.

Keepers were worried this would prevent Ruuxa from being able to run. The zoo’s veterinarians performed corrective surgery on September 3, 2014.

Raina never left her buddy alone. During Ruuxa’ recovery, Raina was there. She was gentle with him and left his bandages alone.

Thanks to Raina, Ruuxa completely recovered! Today, at one and a half years old, Ruuxa competes in the Shiley’s Cheetah Run! Ruuxa and Raina, are more like siblings than friends.

They share a special bond that is beautiful to see! Watch them below!

Homeless Cat Lying Half Day Aside of Street…Now watch when he gets a real bed!

A poor homeless cat was lying so poor aside of the street and it’s seemed he was stuck on there, but later they realized that he was just resting his head. The homeless kitty was all alone with no one to love him and lived off eating scraps that he foraged on the streets.

This poor kitten was weak and malnourished and most likely would have died if he hadn’t been found by a animal lover who knew she needed to help – she immediately took the kitten in and nursed him back to full health!

This story is sad at first, but has a wonderful ending… Just watch the video below!


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Service dogs are trained to respond to a variety of health issues and concerns, from sudden spikes in the glucose levels of a diabetic person to the onset of an epileptic seizure. Amber is a certified professional dog trainer – but she also suffers from debilitating panic attacks. For one moment, her best friend become hero, who save her life.

The moment the dog realized what was going on, he immediately jumped into action. What cameras captured next left onlookers in disbelief – as the service dog instantly reacted to his owner’s desperate signals without missing a beat.

Service dogs are trained to respond to a variety of health issues and concerns, from sudden spikes in the glucose levels of a diabetic person to the onset of an epileptic seizure. There are very few things dogs can’t do nowadays. One person who understands the fluffy power of a service animal is Amber Oliver.

She successfully trained her own five-year-old dog, Oakley, to pick up on any changes in her body temperature, breathing pace and heart rate that could signal an impending panic attack. Amazingly, Oakley is able to detect Amber’s panic attacks before they even consume her.

While waiting for a flight at the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky International Airport, Amber captured Oakley’s incredible service dog skills on video.

Now her video of Oakley’s impressive reaction to an upcoming panic attack is going totally viral…

Amber’s camera rolls as Oakley suddenly springs into action, spins around, wags his tail furiously and whimpers. He immediately recognizes that Amber is in the midst of an emotional crisis and knows how to stop her worries in their tracks!

After getting her attention with his whimpers, Oakley follows the next step of his training. He places himself directly in her face! Amber shared that he has been trained to break her hands apart and navigate them away from her face.

You can see Oakley’s attempts to distract Amber. She has trained him to help her move her hands onto his body instead, which helps calm her down.

Once Amber focuses on rubbing her pup, he leans his stocky body across her legs as if to protect her, then pushes himself in between her knees where she wraps her arms around him, scratches his chest and nuzzles him with her face.

Not only does this cuddle session help Amber forget about her panic attack, but it’s also a nice moment for Oakley as well!

He lovingly sits there, letting her cling to him as if he’s her life jacket in a stormy sea of panic attacks. Without his help and encouragement, Amber easily could’ve been a crying heap in the corner of her airport gate. Oakley is proof that humans and canines are meant to be best friends. What an incredible dog!

Watch how this talented dog detects then distracts his owner as she ebbs and flows in and out of her uncomfortable state.

What do you think ?

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This precious dog was set to be put down in one hour when this man showed up. She was so scared the large man looming in the corner – until she realized he was trying to save her.

Bronwnye Mirkovich waltzed into his local animal shelter looking for a best friend. He knew the chances of finding his fur-ever mate was slim, but he wanted to give the shelter a shot. He had no idea that his furry new family member, Edie, was waiting for him behind the metal gate.

Edie was one of these dogs. She had been brought into a shelter and her fur was filled with mattes. Edie was so scared to be in the shelter that she was deemed un-adoptable and slotted for euthanasia.

Luckily, a kind person noticed Edie and decided they would not let the shelter euthanize this scared little dog.

With the help of Hope for Paws, Edie was brought into the vet for an examination. Once she realized that the people there were there to help her and she felt safe, she calmed down and turned into a loving, amazing dog.

As the video shows, a shelter can be a scary place – so it is important that adopters remember this and not overlook dogs, like Edie, who just need a good hug and proper care.Rescue dog’s afraid of everyone, but when she realizes everything’s going to be okay… Wow. One of the most touching moments I’ve ever seen.