21 Sweet Photos that Show the Cutest Sides of Life


With all that’s going on in the world, it’s pretty easy for a good mood to be brought down by simply turning on the nightly news. But, despite the media’s laser focus on all things negative, it still doesn’t change the fact that there is an overwhelming amount of good among us.

Today, we want to take the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the cute, heartwarming, and just plain warm-and-fuzzy creatures that make our world a better place. Here are 21 photos that prove the best things in life are the simplest and sweetest.

These photos will remind you of the important things that we happen to miss or forget about. They show the beauty of simplicity and have the power to warm your heart.

1. Just a couple of doggies chillin’ in their jammies

These canines take couch-cuddling to a whole new level!

2. The captive orangutan with a maternal instinct

This curious primate is simply entranced by a pint-sized zoo visitor.

3. A corgi showing off his dark side

Who knew the devil could be so cute?!

4. Baby taking some “me-time”

Being an infant is a stressful job, after all!

5. Dog and cat hit the road

It’s like if the characters in Homeward Bound had AAA!

6. A mom and dad “cut the cord”

An honest illustration of what it’s like to finally send the kiddos off to school.

7. Talented daddy shows off his impressive hairstyling skills

His little girl looks so proud to be rocking his braided creation!

8. Golden retriever re-invents “Netflix and Chill”

Yep, this adorable doggy loves to binge-watch Family Guy.

9. These little girls take “twinning” to a whole new level

We’re seeing double—and our hearts are melting!

10. Pint-sized dog owner plays dress-up with her pooch

Sometimes even dogs dream of being unicorns.

11. The best (worst) study partner

Baby ducks are no good at homework, but they sure are cute!

12. These two slaying their father-daughter dance

According to the bride, her dad took the rehearsals more seriously than she did!

13. A massive St. Bernard who thinks he’s a lap dog

Who knew “Beethoven” was so into cuddling?

14. The sweetest friendships are unlikely friendships

Believe it or not, this dynamic duo met after the tot struck up a conversation with the elderly man at a grocery store. Cute!

15. A little gal gets chummy with her pet gorilla

These two look like they’re two peas in a pod!

16. From “shopping helper” to “shopping snoozer”

Whatever you do, don’t judge this dozing pooch; after all, shopping IS hard work!

17. A couple more REALLY unlikely friends

Is the cat so grumpy because his BFF is a sad clown or is the clown so sad because his BFF is a grumpy cat? Inquiring minds want to know…

18. Three fawns waiting out a thunderstorm

Lucky for them, these deer have “indoor privileges”.

19. A star-struck tot meets a real-life “princess”

How sweet is this bride for indulging the little girl?

20. Cat dad supports this new cat mom

They must have taken a whole lot of Lamaze classes!

21. A grateful rescue dog shows his appreciation

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There’s nothing quite like a puppy learning to howl. You never know what sound is going to come out that first try! And once a pup discovers its voice, it works to fine-tune it by practicing over and over and over. 

Luckily for these Husky puppies, they can sleep right through their brother’s howling attempts. They apparently find it rather soothing! Huskies are known to be talkative dogs, so you know this pup’s just getting started.

You know what this one sounds like though? Chewbacca! His little rolling, gargling wail is too adorable. Don’t you agree?

SEE ALSO: Depressed Dog Was Alone For 2 Years. – But One Day She Picks Up A Familiar Scent

Pakita, a poor dog, was dropped off at Argentina’s El Arca Animal Partido de Mar Chiquita, she was said to be have found wandering the streets. For two long years, this sweet dog  had struggled to find a home.

She’d been dropped off at Argentina’s Arca Animal refuge by a person who claimed to have found her wandering the streets as a stray. There, Pakita was welcomed with open arms by volunteer Silvia Ferreyra and her colleagues, but the dog was sad and withdrawn. She kept getting passed over for younger, happier dogs.

Still, the volunteers at Arca Animal rescue center still tried their best to find her a home. They decided to take her picture so they could post it on Facebook to spark the interest of potential adopters.This, however, was no easy task.

Pitka would always cower or move around when it was time to take her photo. But eventually, they got one that was good enough to put it on the internet. She even looked like she was half smiling.

“Immediately, we get a message from a woman saying that the dog was her son’s and that he had been looking for her!” Ferreyra told.

The woman’s son, Ariel Naveira, lost Pakita when she escaped his home two years ago, and he thought he’d never see her again. He was excited at the thought that this could actually be her.

Ariel arrived the next day to meet with the dog. When Pakita was brought out, she was understandably doubtful and still a bit withdrawn. But everything changed when Pakita caught a familiar scent.

She was so excited and burst out with joy. It was sad for Ariel to lose his dog, but this moment just about made up for it. Everyone was in total disbelief.

Now back home, Pakita is her old self once again. They are super happy together and glad to have everything back to normal.

It’s been just over a year now since Pakita was reunited with her owner, and her joy at being back home hasn’t faded.

“We are super happy,” Naveira said.

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Like many folks living in the devastating path of California’s recent wildfires, Natasha Wallace had just minutes to escape. But she didn’t forget to bring with her the one thing that matters most, her dog.

Wallace, a college student in Santa Rosa, had been on campus studying when the fire broke out. As she drove home shortly after 1 a.m., Wallace could see a massive wall of flames raging across the freeway and, for a moment, pulled over to take a look. It was then she realized that, given the fire’s speed and intensity, her life was in danger — and she needed to get out while she still had time.

“It was like a flamethrower,” Wallace told. “I knew how fast the fire was going. It was really scary.” When she got home, Natasha hurriedly threw a couple of duffel bags into the trunk of her car – which contained her personal belongings. But she did not forget her faithful companion, Bentley. As she started to drive away to safety, she did not go far as traffic was halted due to the wildfire. It had greatly worsened.

Without a second thought, Natasha whipped her bicycle out and signaled her dog Bentley to come to her. She then emptied one of her duffel bags, which made room for her pooch – he hopped right in it. With a 70-pound dog in a duffel bag which she slung around her neck, Natasha pedaled away from her car, leaving the majority of her belongings and her car behind. In an interview, Natasha stated: “I knew the only thing that mattered was my dog. That was it.”

She pedaled with “supermom strength”, and managed to get as far as two miles away from the fires. Bentley, according to Natasha, was extremely obedient during the escape ride.

Thankfully for the two, a truck driver who was passing by offered to give them both a lift to safety. However, like many other residents in that area, Natasha has lost both her home and her physical possessions.

Ms Wallace knows that the most important thing to her was safe from the natural disaster – her very own dog, Bentley! She happily states: “You can pack hundreds of dollars worth of material things, but my dog is priceless!”

Since the fire, both Natasha Wallace and Bentley are currently staying with Natasha’s relatives until she finds a new home for both her and her canine.

Would you have done so if you were in Natasha’s shoes?

What do you think ?

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When an Alsager, England family looked out their window into the backyard, they had no idea what they were looking at. He looks like not only dog but also fox, but he wasn’t orange.

You may have heard of a red fox, but did you know there are silver foxes too? Silver foxes are a melanistic form of the red fox, only differing in color and are extremely rare to find. They are characterized by their signature black or blu-ish gray fur, along with some white on the tip of their tails. In the UK, silver foxes are sometimes kept as pets and are omnivores. For at least 25 years, silver foxes have not been sighted, until now.

The silver fox had been spotted roaming around. This shocked the homeowner, who proceeded to post a photo of it on Facebook. Former RSPCA inspector Amanda Lovett, who now runs Mere Moggies Boarding, saw a post about it on a Facebook group and learnt that the fox had been in the garden for most of the day.

It was important for the fox to taken to safety as it was a Saturday night, when households would light fireworks. Lovett arrived at the garden and managed to safely capture the fox using a grasper before putting him in a cat box. She then took the fox to the Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre in Nantwich for care.

The fox, now named Shadow, was placed into foster care by Stapeley Grange and would be placed with a specialist owner if no one claims him. According to Stapeley Grange’s manager, Lee Stewart, Shadow must have been kept as pet and has either escaped or been abandoned. Shadow was also found to be in good health, only slightly overweight.

Stewart also added that Shadow is the first silver fox that they ever had in Stapeley Grange for over 25 years and is currently doing well there. The RSPCA and wildlife center are working to figure out how he ended up in the family’s yard.
This sweet-faced fox may seem cute and cuddly but experts say that wild animals take a lot of work and do not make good pets.

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Bringing home a dog from a shelter is always an exciting day. After all, you want that dog to be your close companion for many years to come. But sadly, for some adopted shelter dogs and owners, the relationship doesn’t last.

A family in New York went to their local shelter and adopted the perfect black and white puppy to add to their family, but just a week later everything changed. Although, the sweet dog Brody loved his new home so much but his family noticed that he had trouble breathing and was not eating. They took Brody to a vet to see what was up.

What they found out broke their hearts. The vet said Brody had a serious grade 5 heart murmur. He needed immediate attention of a cardiac specialist. After only a week with him, the family loved him and wanted to take care of him. Unable to afford the treatment, the family went back to the shelter for help. They did not want to give up Brody because they knew he would most likely be put down.

The shelter reached out to their partners, one of them was Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs (SCR). They sent out a message asking for help. While the family waited to hear if there would be help, they went back to their car with Brody.

“The family, with 2 young children, were still sitting outside of the shelter in tears, praying that something could be done to get their pup the medical care that he so desperately needed.”

SCR responded they would cover Brody’s treatment. The dog immediately received treatment at Blue Pearl Specialty Hospital.

“We realize that unexpected emergencies happen, and when you have a family who loves their animal, we will always try to do everything in our power, to keep that animal with the people who love them,” posted SCR.

Now, Brody can live with his forever family happy and healthy. Do you feel happy with him. Please Share it to your friends and your family.